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AC Repair

At Air Conditioning Repair Pro, in Toledo OH, we pride ourselves in our customer service and technical excellence. We’ve been doing air conditioning repair for a long time.  Call us for excellent service at the best prices. You can depend on a courteous, professional response.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

We come to your home or business and show up on time. The technician will check out your heater / air conditioner and submit an estimate to you  before we start work. The work will be done quickly and efficiently. We will treat your home and your time with respect.

  • Free Estimates On New Units
  • Same Day  Air Conditioning Repair Serrvice
  • Work is Guaranteed
  • Heater and Air Conditioner Replacement
  • The Best Air Conditioner Technicians in Town!

If your air conditioner is relatively new, we will be able to repair it. If your furnace is antique, we will fix it if it can operate safely. The technician can check for cracks in the heat exchanger. Cracks can leak dangerous exhaust fumes into your living space.

Air Conditioner Repair

A/C Repair

A/C Repair

Sometimes repairing a damaged air conditioner or furnace is more expensive and less efficient than replacing it.

  • Our Experienced Technicians are waiting for your call.
  • We will show up on time to check out your central air.
  • You get an estimate of cost before we start work.

If the air conditioner or heater can’t be repaired, we will give you a quote for a new unit. Our first priority is to do what is best for you. We will repair and maintain your system if possible or replace it if that’s what is required.

Call Us At (419) 869-3022 For Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioners should be inspected and maintained annually, preferably in the fall. Furnace filters should be changed at least once per year. Our technicians are trained to professionally inspect and maintain your furnace.

If your central air is old, consider replacing it with a modern system. New heaters are up to 95% efficient. They save money and reduce pollution. You save so much in gas bills that the savings will pay for the new furnace. If your air conditioner needs service it could be consuming a lot of electricity by running  inefficiently.

Air Condition Repair

Air Condition Repair

If the heat in your home is “uneven”, it’s hot in one spot and cold over there, it may be that your system wasn’t properly zoned when installed. We can examine your system and make suggestions for improvement. Often the cost of zoning your home will be offset by fuel savings.

A programmable thermostat is a big money saver. You can program your air conditioning / heater system to operate when you are home and awake. The rest of the time the air / heat’s automatically turned down.

In a lot of homes, in the Toledo Ohio area, the initial installation was banged together to get it done. We’ve found big errors in heat system installations, like heat registers that aren’t hooked up and ducts that are open and pumping heat into your crawlspace or attic, or thermostats installed in the wrong place. Our technicians can survey your system and suggest improvements that will improve your comfort and save you wasted fuel bills.

Call The Air Conditioning Repair Pros at: (419) 869-3022

Toledo Air Conditioner Repair

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